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One of the coolest things about being a freelancer is you can work from anywhere: a corner of your bedroom, an underwater sea pod, the middle of the woods, wherever. Putting together your ultimate workspace is a lot of fun, and I’ve always been fascinated with seeing how other writer folks, particularly people in the game journalism world, setup shop. As a fascinating experiment to indulge my own curiosity as much as anything else, I recently put out a call to fellow freelancers in the game journalism community to share photos and thoughts about their own personal writing spaces. Here’s the first batch. Enjoy!

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Here is Public community ^O^*


[JUNHO] 한번 더 내 맘을 알아줘
널 위한 눈물을 받아줘
사랑은 바라지도 않았던
끝난 얘기 다 지난 얘기 yeah
Hanbun duh neh mameul arajwuh
Nul wihan noonmooreul badajwuh
Sarangeun barajido anatdun
Ggeutnan yehgi da jinan yehgi yeah~

acknowledge my heart once more
Accept these tears that are for you
Not even expecting love,
The ended story, the past story, yeah~

Mengakui hatiku sekali lagi

Menerima air mata itu untuk mu

Bahkan tidak mengharapkan cinta

Akhir cerita, cerita yang lalu, yeah~


[CHANSUNG] 니가 미워 죽겠다 (이런 니가 더)
내가 싫어 죽겠다 (이런 내가 더)
Niga miwuh jookgetda (irun niga duh)
Nehga shiruh jookgetda (irun nehga duh)

I hate you to death (even more you, who are like this)
I hate myself to death (even more me, who is like this)

Aku membencimu sampai mati (bahkan melebihi mu, yang seperti ini)

Aku benci diriku sampai mati (bahkan melebihi ku, yang seperti…

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